Pathways to Wholeness Retreat

Recharge. Connect. Train in essential human skills.   

July 18 - July 21, 2024
Boonville, CA

Three days & four nights of peer connection with impact leaders, embodied leadership training, and time to reconnect with yourself and the land.


The Pathways to Wholeness Retreat is a unique opportunity to step out of the day-to-day busyness and reconnect with what matters most. We will gather and practice in a beautiful 600-acre retreat center north of San Francisco, CA.

Our retreats blend nuanced leadership training with ample time for rest and rejuvenation. We cultivate skills for effectively navigating team dynamics.  We nurture your access to presence, centeredness, and power in service to your organization, communities, and all life.

What people are saying:

“This retreat was unlike any other leadership training I've attended. It was 3 days of embedded learning focusing largely on the human elements of leadership - how do you fully see others? what parts of you need healing? how do we enable the diversity of our cultures and communities to flourish? I left feeling more human and grounded than I have in quite some time and also took tangible insights on what and how I want to change.”

- Sarah Farrell, B2B Sales Director, ClimatePartner
"I was reconnected with the significance of sharing and deeply listening to the stories of others who are experiencing the climate crisis and working to mediate the most severe of the effects. Not only a listening with the ears but with the whole body switched on, a way of listening which feels absolutely necessary to really sense the depths of how we are internalizing the changes to the biosphere. I was reminded that when faced with such seemingly insurmountable and intractable challenges like addressing climate change, the way forward can be found within us and the stories we carry.”

- Tim Tenson, Founder, TerraGenesis
"In my 15+ years of climate advocacy and deploying clean energy technology, no experience has spoken so deeply to my core reasons for doing the work I do. From mourning the march of climate chaos to diving deeply into questions of embodiment and ensoulment, the guides and cohort extended and renewed my abilities and resolve in continuing to find integrated, equity-informed solutions to climate change."

- Keally Dewitt, Vice President, GAF Energy
"Internal work is key in showing up to this new and uncertain future we are all creating together. The Climate Wisdom Fellowship program has allowed me to unlock ideas and perspectives at a deeper level that is informing how I am showing up to this work both as an individual and as a leader."

- Marc O'Brien, Founder, Climate Designers
"The experience was deeply transformative - working with, but also beyond, the traditional skills leaders require by tapping into a more fulsome alignment of mind, body and spirit that generously invites a new paradigm for leadership."

- Gil Sheffer, Senior Associate, Orrick, Herrington, & Sutcliffe, LLP
“Connecting with other climate leaders in a space that's not about our intelligence, or how much we know about climate, but is about us as people, and what it is like to be people, knowing what we know, doing what we do, is a rare opportunity.”

- Matthew Eshed, Biosecurity Research Fellow
“I felt accepted in all my craziness that has been building up over the years and the resulting messiness of my nervous system. While we're all heading into uncertain terrain now I trust that I have what it takes to traverse the terrain with more grace and grit that is supportive of fellow humans."

- Greg Brown, Founder, Blue Green Planet Project

What we will do together:

The Five Elemental Domains

There are five domains of practice that we will engage in.

Nature Connection & Embodiment

- Guided solo time, hiking, and subtle energy movement practices immersed in nature

Relational Practices

- Practice energetic attunement, communication, and navigating polarity  in group processes

Theory & Philosophy

- Work with key frameworks for understanding domains of human growth and development

Music & Play

- Integrate learnings through circlesinging and improv play  


- Strengthen foundational skills for harnessing focus and concentration of the mind


DatesThursday 4pm, July 18th - Sunday 12pm, July 21st, 2024

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Location: Whispertree Retreat Center, Boonville, CA


Spencer Honeyman
Lead Trainer, Founder

Spencer is the founder and trainer of the Climate Wisdom Fellowship. He is a graduate of Pomona College's interdisciplinary Environmental Analysis program, a Certified Integral Facilitator, and works as an executive coach and team trainer within organizations.

Full Bio

Spencer has over a decade of study in transformational process work with master teachers Thomas Hubl & Diane Hamilton. He works with leaders and teams to heal and evolve through a process of somatic coaching, process facilitation, and meditation training. Before coaching, Spencer ran a design-build firm for 10 years building office interiors and civic parklets. For 5 years, he served as the Community Director at a coliving property management company supporting communities to grow from initial formation to self-organizing, independent communities.

Spencer has trained for 15 years in Hatha yoga, Buddhist meditation, the improv musical form the Art of Circlesinging, and adult developmental theory. Outside of work, Spencer can be found making music with friends, building something with his hands, or hiking the California wildlands with his family.

Samantha Kanofsky

Samantha is an assistant for the Climate Wisdom Fellowship supporting the participant experience throughout. She is a writer, coach, and consultant based in the San Francisco Bay Area, passionate about the nexus of business, biomimicry, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence.

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Retreat Cost:
(Scholarships on retreat cost available as needed.)

$350 (required)

$100 - $330/night depending on room selection


Please use the following link to apply for the retreat.



+  How do we get there?

Whispertree is 600-acre retreat center located in Boonville, CA in the beautiful Anderson Valley outside of the hustle bustle of the Bay Area. It is a little over an hour from the regional airport in Santa Rosa and 2.5 hrs from SFO. Most people will fly into SFO or Oakland airports rent a car in small groups and head up together. Once you sign up we will put you in touch with other participants to join a shared car.  

+  Who else is attending?

Participants will be joining from various fields of impact or healing work. Some are Fellows from current or prior Climate Wisdom Fellowship cohorts. There will also be folks attending who are very interested in deepening personal growth and navigating collective intelligence but who work in other fields. All will have some degree of focus on positive impact in the world whether through consulting, technology, finance, design, etc. Regardless, we will work with our own personal process and group process as it emerges in its unique form and take time for reflection, recharging, and collective practice.

+  What is the structure of the retreat?

We will have a first session 6-8pm on Thursday the 18th. Friday and Saturday will have sessions 9:30-11:30am, 2-4pm, and 6-8pm. Outside of that will be meals and free time to connect with land and other participants. There is Wifi if work needs to be done in-between sessions. Sunday will have a closing session from 9-11am and then folks will be heading back to airports.

+  Are there scholarships?

Yes, we make our retreats accessible to various price ranges. We are not able to provide scholarship on food & lodging or offer travel stipend, but can offer scholarship on the retreat cost itself. Please select scholarship request on the application form with the requested amount.